“What is Wrong with Women?” Watch Olutoyin Oyelade’s Speech on gender barrier | TEDxTrinityBellwoodsWomen

In this insightful talk at TEDx Trinity BellwoodsOlutoyin Oyelade, who is the Founding CEO at InVcap, an African-focused Investment firm in Nigeria and Canada explores “What’s Wrong with Women”

She talks about the gender barrier issue that despite many corrective, remedial, and palliative measures advanced by governments, corporate, and academic sectors still  remains unsolved. And how it might take 70 years for Women across the globe to catch up with their male counterparts if they don’t speak up and spearhead their own leadership journey, within the current adversities.


Olutoyin also serves with the African Expert Network, a Washington DC group of Investment Experts, drawn from the global Financial sector to advise Investors on Africa. Olutoyin is also the Founding President of many non-profit initiatives and social enterprises including, Casa Foundation, AfroInvestors, Friends of Africa, and EP Academy!

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