WATCH Rahma Mohamed’s TEDx Talk about “The Pebbles That Build Mountains”. The seemingly unacknowledged struggles minorities face

Rahma Mohamed explores the seemingly unacknowledged struggles minorities face – not the big things we see over and over again in the media – but rather the small things that are rarely addressed: the pebbles that build mountains.

Rahma Mohamed was born and raised in Hargeisa, Somalia. Shortly before the civil war broke out; at the age of eight, her family immigrated to Canada. They arrived in Quebec where she attends her first formal school in French. The first few years were very difficult being only black Somali girl in her class. She endured years of bullying due to her inability to speak the language and just for being different. But in time she became fluent in both French and English and became the first to graduate from University in her family.

After becoming a mother, she set out to self-publish children books to encourage youth to be proud of their unquietness by celebrating diversity. Noticing a lack of diversity in the market for Muslim Children books and recollecting her own struggles of growing up as an immigrant, she became determined to offer books centered on characters that are Muslim and with African roots.

Watch the TEDx Talk below

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