TolumiDE brings lots of warmth with “Mama Sunshine” album release. #MamaSunshine #TolumiDE

Nigerian Soul Singer-Songwriter TolumiDE releases her highly anticipated acoustic album, Mama Sunshine on November 13th – World Kindness Day and it is available for sale at and all digital outlets.

Unveiled in the EP album is a well rounded cultural experience as TolumiDE sings in English and native language Yoruba and collaborates with major African talents – Jaja Basheghezi (Congo) and Toby Foyeh (Nigeria), who co-wrote Mama Sunshine and Ikoyi Ikeja”. Listeners journey through themes of encouragement, self-assurance, survival, nostalgia, and love in an extended acoustic version of Your Arms produced with James McKinney. Your Arms (Fun Mi Layo), the album’s first single, is continuing to make waves on various playlists and was followed up with a music video for an Afro-soul dance version of the song set in Nassau, Bahamas providing the perfect backdrop to display happy love and the alluring lyrics of the hook “Fun Mi Layo,” which translates to “You give me joy.” TolumiDE says “the songs featured share hopes and realities of living as a woman and an African in diaspora”. She shares “Mama Sunshine as an appetizer placed in an intimate setting to get taste buds ready for the main course coming soon in the “Suya Soul” album en route for 2019 release.


About TolumiDE (pronounced Toe-lu-mee-day)

Born in Toronto and raised in Lagos, TolumiDE moved to back to Canada at the age of 18 and became immersed in all forms of the creative arts while studying Fine Art at York University and singing with an all-female reggae band. Shortly after moving to the United States to pursue a career in graphic design, TolumiDE solo performances began to bubble at open mics, festivals, and weddings. She quickly garnered a following for her sweet vocal presence and intimate songwriting. She compliments soul music with a fusion of her Nigerian heritage and explores themes of life, love, laughter and inspiration with mainly English lyrics and a touch of African spice in form of rhythm and native Yorùbá language.


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