#SaturdayAreForWeddings: The “Chem-History” #SeunDupe2018 | PreWedding & Wedding Photos

Their Story 

Shortly after graduating from the University of Guelph with a psychology degree, Dupe gained employment as a youth worker in Edmonton in February 2015. After weeks of hesitating on whether to accept the job offer to go live in a “freezing cold farmland” (in her words) or stay at home in Toronto where there was “more to life”, her bank account and a “friendly” email notification from OSAP (Student loans) reminded her that she was now in the real world and there were bills to pay. Reluctantly, Dupe accepted the Job offer with plans to move back to Toronto a year later; hoping the fierce job market would be easier to penetrate, especially since she would no longer be applying for an entry-level position.

At this time, Seun had recently completed his Master’s degree at Loughborough University, the UK in Chemical Engineering and had returned to Nigeria to apply abroad for a Ph.D. program. While back in Nigeria, Seun and his friend Tobi (one of the groomsmen) started an NGO called Lasting Empowerment for the Nigerian Society (LENS). In May 2015, Seun was accepted at the University of Alberta and was to begin in September 2015.

After moving to Edmonton at the end of January, Dupe attended her sister’s church until she was invited by a friend to a church similar to one she had been attending back in Ontario. In the summer of 2015, she began attending Rhema Chapel although not regularly due to distance and transportation. Meanwhile, in August 2015 Seun also moved to Edmonton and started attending Rhema Chapel where he soon joined the choir.

Around this time, Dupe found reliable transportation (who turns out to be the best man) and began attending Sunday service regularly. During this time, Dupe must have caught Seun’s eye as he would always glance at her while singing on the altar. This made Dupe shy as she would try to worship in God’s presence but would notice Seun looking at her. Eventually, Seun and Dupe were officially introduced to one another by a mutual friend in January 2016 at which point Seun peaked Dupe’s interest when he said: “someone very close to my heart bears the name Dupe”. This conversation would later continue when Dupe texted Seun a few weeks later asking who her namesake was. After a year of friendship, they formally started their relationship in December 2016, and like they say, the rest is “Chem-history” 😉




The Traditional Wedding





The White Wedding 


Dami Adeniyi wishes Seun and Dupe a lifetime of love and happiness.


Credit Wedding 


Caterer: Deplace restaurant and Bar| @Deplace_restaurant_bar

Makeup: Motola Abdul| @motolaabdul

Alaga Iduro & Ijoko: Doyin Esho

Photography: Yanimacute Photography|  @yanimacutephotography

Videography: jMacute films| @jmacutefilms

Décor: mmmdecor| @mmmdecors

Wedding planner: mmmdecors| @mmmdecors

White Wedding and Reception

Caterer: Deplace restaurant and Bar| @Deplace_restaurant_bar

Makeup: Danielle Mattis| daneillemattis@gmail.com

Hair: Mekeda Allen| 647 975 4079

Wedding Dress: Zoba Martin| @zobamartin

Bouquet: Tolscreations| @tolscreations .

Cake: Busola Arimoro arimorob@gmail.com

Small Chops: Feldos| @feldos_

Bowtie-Tolscreations| @tolscreations .

Bride’s maids dress-Tolscreations| @tolscreations .

Photography: FizCo Photography| @fiz__co

Videography: jMacute films| @jmacutefilms

Décor: mmmdecor| @mmmdecors

Wedding planner: mmmdecors| @mmmdecors

MC: MC Dre

DJ: DJ Fresh| @djfreshcanada

Wedding website: Quant by Design| @quantbydesign

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