#Picoftheday: The Meeting of two GIANTS! Hon. Jean Augustine and Dr. Adeola Olubamiji

Dr. Adeola Olubamiji, founder of STEMHub Foundation and the first black person to bag a Ph.D. In Biomedical Engineering From the University Of Saskatchewan, Canada shared a beautiful picture of her meeting with the first Black woman to be elected to the House of Commons and renowned advocate for social justice Hon. Jean Augustine some weeks ago.

Check out the Inspiring piece Dr. Olubamiji wrote on her  Facebook about their meeting;

Yesterday, Hon. Jean Augustine invited me to her residence and later we went for lunch.Let me tell you about her:

– She is the first Black woman to be elected to the House of Commons.

– She has received honorary Doctor of Law degrees from six universities.

– She was solely responsible for championing legislation to recognize February as Black History Month in Canada with a unanimous vote of 305–0

– She was the first African Canadian to occupy the Speaker’s Chair in the Canadian House of Commons.

– She was a Minister of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women).

– She participated in housing reforms and education reforms.

– She has a school named after her, we walked by a park named after her on our way to this lunch date, she has a community centre running to empower girls and the list is too long.

– She served as the Fairness Commissioner for the Government of Ontario advocating for Canadians with foreign credentials from 2007-2015

And you know what? She is an immigrant from Grenada, she has an accent, she saw all the injustice in our system and didn’t just tweet and pray, she didn’t say I’m a woman. She participated and joined in and fought for us. Her house has artifacts from at least 40 African countries. She said Adeola, I am more African than you 😂.

Yesterday I was soaked in history and wisdom, about how I can manage motherhood and my career (she shared how she did it), about why I should not just be there but thrive (she is already proud of my progress but she knows I can do more, she said message me on whatsapp your progress as they happen, what a challenge), and about why representation does matters.

I know I get a chance to meet her often and she shares with me often but yesterday was different, it was practical and she was vulnerable as she wanted to pour it in. I woke up this morning and I’m determined to take this touch-light she has passed to me (she is 81 but not stopping) and hold it up in the sky and make sure my PhD degree convocation won’t be the last of me you will celebrate.

I’m determined to also not be a hidden figure of Science and Engineering. So, because of her I will now share my journeys with you (I have been hiding and not posting my progress lately). I will now be more involved in the systems than just reading the news, I will ensure we also do more through STEMHub Foundation.

I hope her life inspires you to dream bigger, to design your life, to move the dial and to be all that you want to be. I’m thankful that I didn’t just have to read a book about her, I know her and I heard it all from her horse’s mouth. Be blessed fam ♥️.



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