Must Watch — We Are The Roots: Black settlers and their experiences of discrimination on the Canadian prairies.

Learn how African-American settlers shaped Alberta.

Created by Deborah Dobbins, a descendant of Alberta’s first black settlers, We are the Roots: Black Settlers and their Experiences of Discrimination on the Canadian Prairies tells the story of a wave of African American immigrants who moved to Alberta and Saskatchewan between 1905-1912 to escape slavery, racism and persecution in the United States.  Taking advantage of Canada’s offer of 160 acres of land for a $10 fee, 1000-1500 individuals moved to the Prairies and helped develop several settlements throughout the provinces.

Through the stories of 19 descendants of the original settlers, We are the Roots focuses on the experiences of discrimination these individuals encountered while living in the rural communities and in Edmonton.

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 “We are the Roots” documentary has been awarded some prestigious awards: 

2018 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming

 2018 Alberta Heritage Awareness Award 

Oral History Association’s 2018 Elizabeth B. Mason Award and Oral History in Nonprint Format Award


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