#MotivationMonday: Practice makes Perfect

It’s so easy to get carried away with other people’s successes that we get discouraged with the challenges we face in the journey to our successes. Especially in this age of social media validation and all the “30 under 40 lists” that are constantly been published on what seems like a daily basis.  In general, we are constantly reminded of people that are making advances in their line of work or are at the top of their industry.

But be reminded that the successful people that are excelling in their line of work and are at the top of their industries today started from the bottom and paid their dues. They made mistakes, fell flat, cried, failed,  overcame many obstacles but had the courage to keep going to get to where they are today.

Don’t quit, keep taking the little steps, and enjoy the process. Eventually, the little drops can fill a cup, then a bucket, then a bathtub, and then an ocean. My point is it will  eventually pay off.

Remember, “the journey to success is a marathon and not a sprint”

Have a blessed week!



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