Idunnu and Adesola: Pre-wedding Photos #IdunnuAde17

How the couple met

According to Adesola: We first met at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. It was October 1st, 2013, Nigeria’s Independence Day. I was walking into the University campus after one of my classes. I immediately spotted her sitting down in a corner studying very seriously. She definitely caught my attention so I walked up to her and asked if I could sit beside her and she said “yes”. After I sat down, I told her about the quiz I had just failed and I guess that was my pick up line. That’s how we both started talking. I remember one thing she said to me that day, “You look like a pastor”.


According to Idunnu: I was sitting very quietly focused on studying when I noticed this guy walk in. He was dressed in a typical Nigerian attire and the first thing that came to my mind was “Who wears native to a Canadian University on a school day?!”. Despite this funny first impression, he was very calm and asked if he could sit beside me. He told me about the quiz he had just failed and that is where our story began …..

Photography: Hall4Ten
Make Up Artist: regalnclassy_makeovers


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