He Listens -Dami Adeniyi

Morning Lovies! So I have decided to try something new and start commanding my day every morning and so I command that today is going to be all round amazing! I just know it!

So to the gist of the day. Testimony time, overcomer’s time.

Let me start by saying that yesterday was not close to being my best day at ALL. The day was just not working for me. I am so glad it is over. First I woke up to my internet not working. Now if you know me you know that my life sort of revolves around being online almost 24/7. My service provider was having some issues and till this moment the internet still isn’t back on. But that’s okay; Jesus will fix that. Then in the afternoon, I got into a misunderstanding with a friend that made my day go from -100 to -1000. 

​So I was already in a sappy mood, when around 6.30pm ish I was having supper and needed to get some water in the library where I was doing some work. So I got up, carried my laptop and phone with me and walked to the  water fountain on the same floor. On my way back to my cubicle I saw a suspicious looking lady standing close to my things and once she saw me coming she quickly moved away. Now the sharp Yoruba babe in me wanted to shout “OLE!” but for some reason I thought, “I am in the library so I can’t really do that”. I got to my cubicle and realized my wallet was missing. Ah! I quickly ran ’round the library desperately looking for this lady but I had no luck. You see, the reason I was so frantic was because my Nigerian passport was in my wallet (there’s a long story as to why).

So of course I start pacing around the university looking like a crazy person, called the campus security and I was told to wait till an officer got to me to file a report. While I was waiting I saw a friend of mine and asked him to pray with me. He quoted Matthew 18:19 and asked me what exactly I wanted, which was that my wallet would get returned to me that night or latest by the next morning with everything in it and then we prayed. The officer was taking a long time so I called my 

Matthew 18: 19-20  (NIV)

19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 

20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

sister and told her what happened, asking her to also pray with me. With the way I was feeling if I prayed by myself, it would have been a “fall down and die” kind of prayer and I really did not want to kill anybody. 

​Anyway, the sis kept telling me that God wanted me to learn something in all of this and how this whole situation might be a blessing in disguise. Please! Disguise how? Is she going to put money in my wallet for me? Just as I was gisting, I got an email that my wallet was left in another library in the university. Look at God! Won’t he do it? Exactly what I asked for except for the $5 cash I had in the wallet that she took . 

So what did I learn from this? God needed to remind me that He is always paying attention and is always listening. The last few years have been challenging, I have been patiently waiting on the Lord for so many things with what seemed like no answer. At times I feel like my prayers never go past the roof. God is always faithful and reminded me that He is and remains sovereign even over the unstructured and chaotic aspects of my life. When things seem to be falling apart in chaos, God is in control. 

Sloppy Kisses and Hugs! 

Dami Adeniyi 

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