GOSPEL ARTIST, DANIEL OJO WEDS HEARTTHROB, AUGUSTINA #DanTina2017 Pre-wedding & White Wedding photos

Their Love Story

Her Side

I thank God every day for Daniel – the love of my life and my best friend. We met unofficially over the Christmas/New Years 2014 period in church although I had heard about him before then. He was the choir’s answer to a long time prayer for a committed, talented bass player but little did I know he would also be my answer to prayer for a handsome, funny, caring and God loving life partner! I got to know him and his wonderful family over the summer that year; with time friendship became love and with prayer, I became convinced that he was God’s will for me. After years of countless trips from Toronto to Ottawa and back, I am excited to finally marry the one God has set apart for me. I could not have prayed for a better partner in life than Daniel. Having him by my side is simply a daily reminder of God’s love for me.


His Side
I found Augustina, I found the perfect love of my life. She was and is and will ever be God’s greatest gift to me. Good things definitely happen to them that wait. We met in Ottawa Canada in the year 2014, and I knew we were connected from the first time we got in touch. Prayed to God to lead me and guide my steps. We became friends after a while, till my heart was so connected to her and as soon as I was persuaded she is God’s will for me, I went all in for her…hehe Smiles! Guess am lucky! And so the beautiful journey of love began…… Every beautiful word in and out describes you, Augustina!

The couple tied the knot on 15th of September, 2017 in a beautiful and emotional ceremony in Ottawa Canada

Pre-Wedding Photos


White Wedding



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  1. Daniel says

    Bless you!!!

  2. TINA says

    This is beautiful 🙂

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