#AlongcametheAlgeos || The Love Journey to Forever: Amby + Jon


How it all began

According to Amby

It all started in the city of Lethbridge, AB. That’s where I received my bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations. Little did I know that I’d also cross paths with my soon to be cherry pie ;). My girlfriend Grace was over at my apartment, and we spent all day together. It was evening, and she was heading out to an Economics professor’s BBQ/gathering. She invited me to come along. However, I didn’t feel comfortable going as it was for Econ students only. I eventually caved because there was going to be free food and drinks available and I was too lazy to cook that night. I decided to go along with her.

The get together was fun with lots of food to eat and also drinks. I was sitting in a corner, tweeting the night away when a handsome young man approached me. He made a funny snarky remark towards me, and I chuckled. I know this is cliché, but I was intrigued by his cocky humor. He asked what my name was, and I told him, he then went on to compliment my name and mention how beautiful it was. My full name is unique as many of you know and I would like to give a shout out to my mother and father (thank you ‘rents) for assigning me that name. We started talking but shortly after, I had to leave. He asked for my number but I declined… I asked for his instead. The rest, as they say, was pretty much history

Jon is a very kind-hearted man who always puts me before himself. He loves me unconditionally and I thank God for permanently placing him in my life. He has taught me what true love is all about and above all, patience. I’m certain my mom is looking down on me and extremely proud of me for my amazing choice of a hubby. He brings out the best in me and I’m so grateful to God that I get to spend the rest of my life with a man like him.

The Traditional Wedding


According to Jon 
​I was lucky enough to have been convinced to attend a party by friends that unbeknownst to me at the time, would lead to me meeting the love of my life. When I arrived at the party, it was apparent that everyone was hanging out upstairs. I walked somewhat guardedly upstairs; I was only convinced to come to the party with the presumption that my professor, who was hosting the party, would push back a due date for a major paper.

As I approached the top of the stairs, I noticed a stunningly beautiful woman off to the right talking with a group of friends. I also noticed she was somewhat overly focused on her phone, possibly showing disinterest in being there or just suggestive of a textaholic. My initial feeling was excitement as I began processing the potential ways to initiate a conversation with her. As the night progressed, I had yet to strike a conversation.

Then the opportunity arose; I saw here alone at the corner of the bar, time to swoop in. Again, she was on her phone, so I asked her sarcastically “texting away hey, too cool to talk to the people here?”
She responded with “No, I’m on Twitter…”
I quickly replied, “Oh, tweeting away hahaha.”
I was in!  As the night continued, our conversation progressed from a tertiary understanding of one another to a much deeper interest. She took my number down-I wasn’t sure why I couldn’t have hers, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.

This short encounter began the series of novel-length texts back and forth as we started to develop and strengthen a quick and intense understanding and love of one another. And that’s how the life and love of Amby and Jon began.

The White Wedding


Traditional Wedding Venue: Inglewood Community Centre , Calgary Alberta
Wedding Reception: Edgemont Community Centre, Calgary Alberta

Photography: Zev Vitaly Abosh | Photoart4u|www.instagram.com/photoart4u
MC : TC Mad |www.instagram.com/tc_mad
Make Up Artist: Beautybymisemay |www.instagram.com/beautybymisemay
Hair Stylist: Gbemi Famade |www.instagram.com/omooluwa03

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